Paid to Drive Scammers – A Warning, and Example

Annika’s has several websites that paid you to drive by placing ads upon your car. These are legitimate websites. However there has been an increase of scammers sending emails like the below:



The subject line of the emails:

ATTENTION!!! Driving Advert Urgently Needed
Red Bull Paid-To-Drive Campaign




Driving Advert We are currently seeking to employ individual’s within the state, to simply drive their Vehicle with our advert on it. Requirement: -Must have CLEAN driving record! -Knowledge of roads very helpful! Email me with any info regarding your experience and your availability for data and consideration, looking to hire ASAP! Kind Regards, Chris Robert




At The Brand Consultancy, we are dedicated to furthering the prosperity and health of the beverage industry by providing beverage expertise to our clients.

On behalf of Red Bull, we are currently seeking everyday drivers to place removable Red Bull Energy Drink advertisements on their cars, thereby turning your daily commute into a money-making venture.

Selected participants would be paid $200 a week to drive around with removable ads on the sides and hood of their vehicle.

The ads to be placed on your vehicle are decals. The decals are adhesive, made of vinyl specifically used for cars. They are designed to be removed by drivers; they simply peel off without harming the paint of your car.

From car wash to finish, installation optimally takes between 10 and 15 minutes.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us by sending us an email.


Mark Morris The Brand Consultancy US NY 10012



The Red Bull Energy Drink Company is asking all car or truck owners with driver’s license , who are above 18 -65 years of age to advertise with their car for Redbull Energy Drink . You will be receiving $500 weekly as the payment for allowing Redbull Energy Drink wrap your car, if interested shoot me an email for further details . Regards, Chris Clough Hiring Manager, Redbull Media House 2014©




The above emails are al spam not the real thing and I’m sharing to educate you. No paid to drive company will email you out of the blue. In fact no legitimate company will email you out of the blue. You have to sign up for something in order to get anything. This applies to survey, market research, focus groups, a foreign diplomat at an airport.

If you wish to sign up for Paid To Drive here’s the link:

What many don’t realize about these paid to drive offers is you have to have a GPS installed and sometimes other equipment that cost money.


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Pinterest News Alerts Got You Down?

Sick of the Pinterest news alerts? Me too so I figured out how to turn them off!

After the latest update of my Pinterest App I started to notice I was getting all kinds of notifications. I thought this was really odd because I had them off and certain Pinterest alerts set to email. I went into the settings on the Pinterest website to discover I had them all set properly. So then I went to the iPhone notifications and Pinterest app. I confirmed I had everything set the way it was before.

Here Pinterest added a section called News and that news section without your permission gives alerts. So if you are worried about bandwidth or just plain sick of alerts there is a fix. Dont delete the Pinterest application. Instead simply log out of Pinterest every time you use the app. That disables those pesky news alerts.

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Who’s been trying to get in YOUR Hotmail/Live/MSN/Outlook Mail?

Amy Lynn:

I didn’t know about this!

Originally posted on Celtmaiden:

I discovered a few months ago after the security of one of my accounts was compromised an interesting page. I had to change my password, and in the process, there are a series of steps to go through. Codes sent, entered, passwords changed, more codes sent and entered.

THEN … I was given the chance to see this page:

It was a very interesting read into my online activity as far as certain accounts goes. For instance, I was totally unaware I was attempting to log in from Iran. Or Africa. Or, later on that afternoon, from Austria. I was surprised to find I am such a world traveler. Those are only a few of the places someone has attempted to access some of my accounts.

So, now we come to the basic reason for this particular post. Security. Part of your security is based on a strong password…

View original 172 more words

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Facebook Down For FireFox Users

Did you notice your Facebook loading blank pages or only the toolbar and the left side? Facebook is partially down right now. By partially I mean for Firefox users.

Facebook did an update Monday and since that update FireFox users across the board are no longer able to access Facebook. I suggested when this happened that it was simply a Firefox issue as I could access it via Chrome.

After several tweets, complaints and mentions to Facebook gone ignored I thought Id write this entry to warn others what the issue is.

You can either update your browser to a version of FireFox 16 or higher or like me, you can wait it out. I refuse to update my browser for social media.

Facebook is losing a ton of revenue that this has transpired for over three days now. Many users have voiced their anger upon

Youd think something this important would have been mentioned on the news or tech networks all over the internet. This has fallen on dead ears for now.

Just know you arent alone. There is a fix, if you decide to do it. Thats the link where you can find any version you desire.

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Facebook Spam Targeted Opt-Out

And you thought all Facebook spam could be blocked by Adblock? Me too, but I had Adblock turned off for some reason and saw a page that looked like a page I was following in the middle of my friends postings. However it was a page that I would have never followed so I was confused. I clicked on the down arrow that said why am I seeing this and was lead to the below page:

Upon discovering this Facebook page “Your Ad Preferences” I was shocked to see all the companies listed that Facebook had spamming me. Companies that there is no way in the world I would agreed to or wanted. A TV shows that I may have mentioned in a comment once or twice. I felt like Facebook was peeping in my windows!

When you click Undo you get a popup saying:

Removing Preferences
When you remove a preference, well no longer show you ads based on it. You may still see similar ads based on your other preferences. Editing your preferences impacts the relevancy not the amount of ads you see.

Some you may want to save if you enjoy seeing such things, but myself, I dont care for any spam, targeted, or not!

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If you use MailChimp, do not let it index your LinkedIn Contacts

Lots of people use MailChimp because I guess its worth the cost instead of running your own newsletter for free. Sorry, this isnt something I can wrap my head around. Why have a domain and not have the ability to run your own newsletter is beyond me. But lots of so called professionals use their service. I say so called professionals because professionals would know better than to allow any service to connect to LinkedIn and allow it to harvest your connections email addresses. This happens everyday whether its referral key spam or MailChimp. It happens.

Without much thought everyday users of LinkedIn click connect on that button on any given application and wham. Spam is sent. Without consent, without concern, and without respect.

I think its partly because the persons doing it, dont see it as spam. They see it as professional communications. Networking if you will. However this isnt how people network. You dont send a mass message to tons of people you didnt even say hi to. Just like Facebook Fan page invites. Do you really think someone wants to be your fan when you just connected on Facebook?

I send out hello emails to those I accept on LinkedIn, I explain about these issues, with a brief introduction. Only had one adverse reaction in all my years doing this and it was a male voice over artist who doesnt work well with others. I dont send it directly to their email address but through the LinkedIn mail system out of respect. The feedback from doing this as greatly educated others, and blessed as well. Not everyone understands or even cares, but after politely sharing they do. The problem is not everyone can be bothered to read their LinkedIn emails before they send out spam.

Ive discussed this at length with MailChimp, and LinkedIn. LinkedIn help claims it places a popup confirming any given connection of email harvesting. So users are made well aware this is going on. Mail Chimp claims they inform their users of spam issues before they connect their LinkedIn accounts as well. That signing up people without their permission is against TOS. Yet they both allow this to go on. Both should be taken to court for breaching the law itself and not shifting the blame upon the user. Simply do not allow this action to take place. End of discussion.

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Review: K2R-803 Portable Charger

imageI received Kr2 technology portable charger to review here’s the stats.

7800 mah 2 USB port output, Dual LED Torch, USB Output, 4 level power information indicator, micro input.

Suitable for: iPhone, iPad, PSP, PDA, DC, DV, MP4.

Simply plug and charge.

I was really excited to get this especially since a lot of the apps I use on my iPhone drain the battery quickly. Plus we keep having power issues here so to have a portable charger is just as brilliant as having a battery backup for my PC and modem! Now not only do I have a charger for travel but in case of emergencies which is a massive blessing!

imageWhen I first got the portable charger I wanted to make sure it was charged. So I read all the directions and then plugged it into my computer. I was confused because no where in the directions does it mention how you can tell if the portable charger is charged. Only on the outside of the box by the square that says “4 level power information indicator”. So if someone were to purchase this in an open/ripped box missing that even though there are directions they would have to guess like I did. Once I read the whole box though I quickly figured it out.

I love the fact that the charger basically doesn’t need charged for a month! And says that in the directions. That’s excellent if you are somewhere in the wild camping per say. An end of the world must have in your kit LOL!

Another thing that I’d like to point out is how well the power button blends into the design. You may miss it if you don’t look close enough. I admit I like that feature but for people like my dad who can’t even find the power button on the kindle (Which I had to put nail polish on) I might have to do the same on something like this. This is merely a design issue that in my humble opinion is minor but worth mentioning. I myself like that it blends. But if you wanted to use the flashlight, and are in the dark it would take a while to feel your way to the button.

All and all, I adore the K2R-803 Portable Charger and highly recommend it! Don’t be left in the dark or left missing important phone calls ever again because your phone is dead!

Contest: 5 lucky winners will win a K2R-803 Portable charger. This will be running from 24th October until 14th November.

Get a 20% discount on the K2R-803 Portable Charger using the code: AMYLYNN1 Valid till Nov 21st via Amazon –

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