BuyBack’s Isn’t Always The Better Deal

I don’t know if you know anything about the store called BuyBacks but they are a pretty cool store. They buy old games, and DVD’s and sell them. If you don’t have one near you it’s okay because they also sell on

I have a massive DVD collection. I like to purchase off Amazon because I love packages, and have loads of gift certificates. I also admit it’s because its quick and easy. Well we were after The Manhattan Project. A DVD used online cost about $3.99 if that! New it ran about $8.99.  

So since a new BuyBacks store moved into our neighborhood I decided to go in and pick it up. Upon finding The Manhattan Project DVD in BuyBacks used for $13.99 I knew it had to be a mistake. I mean seriously, come on! It’s selling for $3.99 used. So I took it to the counter and explained this. The guy behind the counter agreed, it was priced wrong, and said the lowest he could go was $8.99, for a USED DVD! Needless to say I said “No thanks I’ll buy it online for NEW at that price.” Walked out the store and did indeed purchase it NEW for $8.99.

 I wanted to share this because I know BuyBacks isn’t the only store like this, and I don’t like seeing customers ripped off. The smart thing would have been the manager to reduce the price and make a sale. But I guess BuyBacks isn’t interested in selling only displaying. 

I decided to send BuyBacks this article for their feedback, they decided to not comment.


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Rob Lowe DirectTv ads Are Offensive!

I’m shocked that Rob Lowe and DirectTv are working together to insult many millions of American’s. Not just the fact pertaining to cable, but “less attractive” “creepy”. I posted on Twitter and Facebook pertaining to this issue, and found that everyone that spoke up agreed! I tweeted Rob who didn’t reply nor did Direct TV.

This reminds me of the horribly rude Christmas ad DSW shoes did at Christmas time slapping a person in the face pertaining to giving bad Christmas gifts. As though that’s going to make sales!

What is going on with advertisers insulting their audience? We are the people who keep these companies in business. STOP INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE as well as show some respect!

If you haven’t seen these offensive Rob Lowe DirectTV ads here’s a few:

If these links are dead, there are others I noticed. Just google : Youtube rob lowe direct tv ad.

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I’ve been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the reason for that is trauma from family members as a child being brought forward in flashing events. 

Many people don’t realize how abusive they are even as adults. Dominating and controlling is a form of abuse. No one wants to be dominated nor controlled by another adult, let alone a sibling.

When you give a compliment followed by an insult it’s not a compliment at all but a show of control, and dominance. Unhealthy to say the least, even if it appears to be a joke with a ‘lol’ attached. If it’s on going, it’s not a joke. Example “You did a great job, too bad you suck at so some many other things. Lol”

I’m in therapy, and I say that proudly as I wish to be a better person. I listen, digest, and take in what is communicated. I’ve been learning a lot and have recently undergone some testing to discover I am not bipolar. I have a proper diagnoses and working on a treatment plan.

I figured out that this form of abuse, the ‘compliment followed by an insult’ was something learned from my parents as a form of love. I saw myself doing it in the past, and it made me sick. I didn’t realize it. It was one of many things that the Holy Spirit convicted me of. How can you truly show love, or respect for another if you can’t say anything nice and truly mean it? You don’t have to be abusive to show you care. It doesn’t feel good, doing it, seeing it, or receiving it.

If someone is doing this to you, and you don’t feel its right, chances are it’s not. I have tried to address the control and dominance issue in sibling relationships, and it didn’t go well. Mostly because you can’t get someone else to change, you can only change yourself! When the abuse starts, I am forced to do my usual, ignoring, and praying that perhaps someday they will be convicted of their sins. I don’t accept their abuse, and neither should anyone else. Walk away, far away, and if it’s online like mine has adapted to, ignore, block and move on.


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1.00mm 540 Needles Derma Roller by Petunia Skincare Review

At first I was scared to test this, 540 needles sounds like a lot of pain! Turns out you can barely even feel it!

I requested to review this product because I was curious, I had never heard of such a thing. And frankly I’m interested in what all it offers. You see as a youth I was a wild child. I had three older siblings to keep up with. I have more scars than I’d like to. I had hoped as I aged they would go away, or at least be less obvious. Derma roller by Petunia skincare offers the ability to fade those scars without surgery.

The directions are really simple and I have to eimagexpress that if you use this. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! You want your skin to be clean because you could end up causing a bad infection other wise.

p   hoto

The benefits and advantages are as follows:

• Stimulate Collagen Production
• Reduce Wrinkles & Fine Lines
• Cellulite Reduction
• Helps Improve Appearance of Scars
• Reduce Enlarged Pores
• Tightens & Smoothens Skin
• Visible & Noticeable Improvements
• Cost Effective
• Short Healing Time
• No Permanent Damage
• High Absorption of Active Ingredients
• Easy to Use

The 1.00mm 540 Needles Derma Roller by Petunia Skincare does come with a warning though, not to use on irritated skin, infected skin, skin fungus, active acne, rosacea. If you are unsure of your skin condition contact a dermatologist before use. Keep out of reach of children and store it in the case it came with, and never share it with another person!

Just for you reading this is 30% OFF coupon code for the derma roller. This coupon code is only valid for purchase and it’s limited to one redemption per person.

The promo code is: VJMHPKEO

The link to the Amazon listing is:

Become A Member of Petunia Skincare’s V.I.P Club
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How Do I Join?
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Hurry and join one of the hundreds of people who have already signed up! There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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How to Turn Off Amazon Seller Emails

I shop a ton on Amazon and I love it. What I have never loved was the nagging from sellers for feedback or whatever reason they saw necessary. Many Amazon sellers email directly through Amazon to make sure it doesn’t go to your junk box. Some take it upon themselves to harvest your email address and even add it to their newsletter. That is highly unprofessional and you better believe I let them know.


Recently I got to the end of my rope with sellers nagging me for various things, so I called Amazon and asked them if there was a way to turn these off. The funny thing is the woman said no and even her supervisor said the same thing. But then she asked further, and they did know you can turn off Seller Feedback. I figured if there was that option there was indeed the option to turn it all off and I was right.


Here’s how to turn off Amazon seller emails altogether.


Log into your account. Click on your account under your name. Scroll down to Email Preferences & Notifications. (At this point you may be asked to log in again.) Once on that page remove the tick by Seller Feedback, and Surveys and Feedback. This SHOULD take care of the emails. If however it doesn’t I highly recommend contacting Amazon and pointing out that you have these unmarked in your account and the change doesn’t appear to be working.


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There are very few companies I would endorse these days. Especially coming right out and saying I endorse blah blah blah. Simply a review does not mean I actually endorse any product, company, etc. So when I use the actual words, that as a webmaster of Annika’s I fully endorse Web Survey Pro, says a heck of a lot.

I was contacted by the owner, and creator of WebSurveyPro. He respectfully asked that I add it to Annika’s Survey Tools page. At first I was a little shocked. Usually when someone contacts me to add something on that page it’s not created by them, it’s something a member/vistor has been using a while. My curiosity was peaked so I wrote back with a ton of questions. Every question had a direct answer. No games, no tricks etc. That made a huge impression! Usually I get people avoiding instead of sharing the good, bad and ugly. This was a guy right out of my book.

Let me explain a bit about WebSurveyPro.

You can find it at either of these domains:

Why two domains? There was a time when lots of sites started using non “.com” addresses, because they could use the domain name in the URL to make a full word or phrase, or something unique, or to just shorted the domain/url, like also has for their url shortener functionality.  He just choose “.ro” because without the dot in “”, it spells “websurveypro”.

Have you ever forgot you cashed out at a survey website? Was due payment for your time? Redeem your points for an Amazon gift card but confused which site it was? With WebSurveyPro you will never miss or forget a payment you rightfully-earned again!

You can sign up for an account and choose which survey panels you want to track payment.  Then in the list, you can select “Add Redemption” to add a redemption to track, and whether you got paid or not. Yes, it’s really that simple. And as survey websites become a partner with WebSurveyPro creating the ability to fully track your redemptions directly, it will not only save you time, money and hassles of saving redemption emails, sticky notes, and logging in checking which panel owes you.

I believe this site has a lot of potential! In fact I find myself excited sharing this with you. The creator has already had to use the site to track down a payment he has yet to receive from one of the panels. He also believes without using this site to track his redemptions and pending payments, would have forgotten about that one.

Functionality-wise, the site offers the opportunity to track redemptions and payments. There is a place to track individual earnings. The site offers charts for pending payments, monthly payment totals, grouped by survey company, and types of payments (PayPal, check, Amazon gift cards).  After registering, the user is presented with a list of the most popular research companies and their survey sites.  The user chooses what sites they want to track, and is now able to add earning information, and redemption or payment events.  Once the payment or redemption is received, they can easily mark it as received and add details of the payment.

Direct from the creator: “I would present the site as beta, work-in-progress.  People can start using it now, and expect future enhancements.  Future functionality I am working on will allow users to track product test participation.  They will be able to see what product tests are pending, currently participating in, and have completed and awaiting payment.  Also, I want to add more detailed reporting and charts.  People can choose certain parameters for the report and see how much they’ve earned by through a particular site, or see how much they’ve earned over a certain time period.  I also want to create aggregate reports of all user data related to how long it takes individual companies to pay.  As you well-know, some pay immediately, while others pay months later. I still envision being able to automatically download participation activity directly from the survey companies.”

Be sure to follow him on twitter @WebsurveyPro and share this wonderful survey tool.

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Pro Flow Solid Brass Fireman Style Hose Nozzle with Chrome Finish

I was super excited when I saw I could review this hose nozzle because my cousin wanted her drive way power washed but her power washer was broken. So I called her up and told her to let me test it. I love hosing down driveways and hers is new! She also just so happens to have fantastic water pressure!

The details of Pro Flow Solid Brass Fireman Style Hose Nozzle state:

• Nozzle made of heavy-duty chromed brass.
• Brass inlet will not corrode or weld to your hose like heaper aluminum versions.
• Heavy-duty rubber insulation and grip will not ding or chip your vehicle paint.
• Adjustable from gentle fan spray to powerful jet steam up to 40’
• Standard 3/4” hose thread.

Honestly I can truly say the Pro Flow Solid Brass Fireman Style Hose Nozzle is heavy-duty! I didn’t expect it to have so much weight to it. I also have one almost identical to this however there is no arrows on mine. So that made the Pro Flow Solid Brass Fireman Style Hose Nozzle a huge blessing. No guess work!

When I first started using it, I thought it was exactly like mine besides the massive weight difference, and of course mine wasn’t brass. The gentle fan when it’s open to the max my hose handle didn’t have, it almost goes all the way backwards which caused me to giggle. I can’t imagine anyone actually using that setting for anything.

Pro Flow Solid Brass Fireman Style Hose Nozzle really is an impressive addition to any gardener! I love how far it shoots and how strong the stream you can get. See the before and after shots of how it took the paint off the house too. No need to use a wire brush just use Pro Flow Solid Brass Fireman Style Hose Nozzle to power wash off the old paint!

A special TIP from the company… Our powerful, fireman-style hose nozzles
work BEST on water pressure between 50-150 psi, which is the
normal, residential water pressure range. With that said, they cannot
perform as well with the “pocket style hoses” (As seen on TV, weigh
1/2 a pound and are very compact) simply because all such hoses
have a 3/8 reducer built into them to limit water flow. So, even if a
pocket hose appears to be a 3/4 or 5/8 hose, its flow is being
restricted by design, which results in less output-distance, no matter
what style nozzle you attach to it.

pho topho  top hoto

ph oto

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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