Review Graze Box Nature Delivered

IMG_1710I was blessed to get to try a free Nibblebox from Graze. I must say I was really shocked with how smooth the site layout loads and works.

Each box comes with the Nutrition Facts card detailing each section in your Graze box. As an added bonus it also comes with a best by information! Both of these things I’ve not seen in other similar boxes.

Graze is all about healthy snacking, and who doesn’t need that! My boxes contained the following:

Key Lime Pie – swiped from me by the Key Lime Pie lover in the house who was very pleased!

Jalapeno Fiesta – This was really good and not even that hot, so don’t be afraid if you like a little spice.

Jalapeno Hot Chips – The chips were okay, but the Jam was to die for! I’ve never had anything like the jam. It was a mix of spicy hot but with a sweet kick. I found it very fascinating.

Garden of England – For obvious reasons I saved this for last, lol. It was pretty good mix of sweet and chewy.

Cracking Black Pepper Cashews – Really good and again not too hot!

Raspberry and Coconut Muffin – Oh My God! This was so good I can’t express how excellent it was.

Wholegrain banana caramel dippers – Really cute, and I found it to be filling crackers with caramel dip.

Herby Bread Basket – really filling, and it would go great with any Italian meal if you wanted it to.

I love how cute the packaging was and how it’s all recyclable too. Here in Akron we aren’t permitted to put styrofoam in the recycle bins.


Mark your like, love and try ASAP. That way when your box comes it’s everything you like and nothing you don’t. Example, they have the option for you to put all the spicy foods in your trash, that way you will never get them sent! Options such as this highly impressed me! It’s a huge time saver for those that already know what they want and not!

If you stick around, your fifth box will be free too!

If you’d like to sign up go to and get your first and fifth box free and enter the code AMYL44Z2B

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Review: Aveeno Positively Radiant

I was blessed to receive Aveeno Positively Radiant targeted tone corrector with vitamin A from Influenster for testing purposes. Aveeno Positively Radiant helps fade the look of dark spots and uneven tone.

Five factors of radiance. Instantly reveals softer, smoother, and more radiant skin. Non-irritating.

I was really excited to get Aveeno Positively Radiant because I have a dark spot that’s been annoying me since my early twenties due to too much tanning.

The directions were very simple; apply to dark spots and areas with uneven tone AM and BM before your moisturizer. Aveeno also recommended using SPF30.

When I opened the Aveeno Positively Radiant I was blown away with the wonderful smell. Not only does it smell great but it adds a sense of peace. I always look forward to using it even if it didn’t do what it claims! (But it does lol.)

Because its summer and I’m in the sun almost everyday it’s really hard to tell if Aveeno Positively Radiant is doing what it says. I’m getting darker due to the sun, and I guess the dark spots are leveling off with Aveeno Positively Radiant tone corrector.

I’m going to keep using it everyday until it’s gone because of its great smell. I’d love to have a perfume that smells like Aveeno Positively Radiant Tone Corrector!photo

#RadiantWithAVEENO Thanks Influenster for the product test!


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StyleWatch Exclusive Monthly Discounts For August

From July 11th to Aug 15th, enter “BCRFCURE” at checkout for a site-wide discount.
From July 11th to Aug 15th enter “PEOPLE40” at checkout for a site-wide discount. Excludes Pleaser shoes and doorbusters.
From July 11th to Aug 15th, enter “AUGPSW14” at checkout for a discount on the pouch featured in this issue.
From July 11 to Aug. 15, enter “PSW20” at checkout for a site-wide discount. Valid in the U.S. and Canada only. 20%
From July 11th to Aug 15th enter “PEOPLE40” at checkout for a site-wide discount. Excludes Pleaser shoes and doorbusters.
From July 11th to Aug 15th enter “ASWEETPSW” at checkout for a discount on full-price merchandise. Excludes Gracelette, Frieda & Nellie, Shashi and Cornettie.
From July 11th to Aug 15th enter “PSW20” at checkout for site-wide discount. Valid in the US and Canada only.
From July 11th to Aug 15th enter “bangle20” at checkout for a discount on the bracelet featured in this issue.
From July 11th to Aug 15th enter “CRXPSW30” at checkout for a discount on full-price and sale merchandise. Excludes shoes, accessories, jewelry, eyewear and makeup.
From July 11th to Aug 15th, enter “PEOPLE20” at checkout for a discount on full-price merchandise.
From July 11th to Aug 15th, enter “OFPEOPLE20” at checkout for a discount.

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DailyBreak – Glade® Best Feelings Giveaway + Coupon


6 prize(s) will be awarded. The prizes to be awarded are:

  • Grand Prize: One of Four Getaways (Estimated Retail Value: $3,000)
  • Runner-Up Prize: Glade Gift Basket (Estimated Retail Value: $75.00 each)

PLUS Print a coupon for $1.00 off any Glade® product (excludes 8 oz Aerosol and Solids)

Sweepstakes ends August 17, 2014


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Easter Seals Abuse and Harassment

I’m in the do not call registry, partly because I run two businesses from my home and I’m sick and tired of spam. Well charities think they have all the permission in the world to harass others. Simply untrue and I’ve made it my mission to educated each of them. It doesn’t matter what the government says, the phone line is yours, you pay the bill not them. Some families have phones that limit the amount of incoming and out going phone calls. Unless the government is going to pay your phone bill for permitting these types of agencies to call your house, they simply are NOT permitted to call. Heck pay as you go charges you for each minute you use it.

1-800-708-2716 is the Easter Seals phone number that kept abusing me and my family. Calling and saying nothing, time and time again! After doing some research I discovered I’m not alone. Loads of other people are complaining of the same thing.

Should you find yourself being abused as I have been by Easter Seals, contact the charity in question and inform them to add you to their do not call list. Yes, even charities have do not call lists.

The person calling you, is being paid and they aren’t doing their job. Both the charity and the government needs to be made aware of this. Abuse by ANY company should not be tolerated.

I have sent this to my congressmen and the attorney general. Enough is enough and if this is the charity that makes it so all have to follow the do not call registry list then I thank Easter Seals for the abuse and harassment.

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Extraordinaire by Colour Riche from L’Oreal

psw-stylewatch-style-huntersI was selected by Glamspotters, StyleWatch Style Hunters, InStyle Trendsetters, and Marie Claire Velvet Rope Club to product test for free Extraordinaire by Colour Riche from L’Oreal. I received three of 304 Ruby Opera, two of 202 Coral Encore, and two of 103 Blushing Harmony.

I was really pleased and blessed to receive all these and shocked, as several are sister companies. I never expected to be picked by all of them.

The high shine was amazing! It was like nail polish gel nails. The 304 Roby Opera I jokingly called StreetWalker red as it was that shocking! I only wish these had color stay instead of being all over my drink cup. It also didn’t taste good. Very oily!

Transform lips from ordinary to extraordinary. Formulated with precious micro-oils and rich colour pigments, Extraordinaire provides the ideal colour and intense hydration that any Style Hunter would love. The unique soft-touch applicator allows for a silky-smooth, gliding application. Share out and show off! #itsextraordinaire #StyleHunters.

Take your lips from drab to fab with just a swipe of this hydrating lipcolour. L’Oréal has perfected the red lip with Ruby Opera. Go for the bold and show us how you dare to stand out #itsextraordinaire #StyleHunters.


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dENiZEN® Jeans via StyleWatch StyleHunters

stylewatch-style-hunterspantsI was blessed to be one of the twenty five members of StyleWatch StyleHunters to claim a free pair of dENiZEN® Jeans! I couldn’t believe it! I’ve never claimed clothes as a freebie before! How truly awesome and inspiring!


They are 4 way stretch won’t bag or sag! They are the most amazing skinny jeans I’ve ever seen! Feel it, Wear it. Love it! Essential Stretch jeans move with you comfortably all day without losing their shape. #dENiZENJeans #dENiZENStyleHunters.


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