Being a Christian doesn’t mean being perfect

Why when a person says they are a Christian do other people start to think you said you’re perfect? No where in the definition of the word Christian does it say this.  I have many flaws and many faults. Some I know and some I don’t. No one is perfect or we wouldn’t need forgiveness nor would there be wars. 

I find it heart breaking how very many times I have to explain to people I’m not perfect. Yes I’m a Christian and try to be good and do good. But I’m not able to be 100%. No matter how hard I try I would and could never be 100%. Should I too be nailed to the cross for mistakes? Treated poorly because, wow in my past I did something I forgot about? I have noticed temperaments online tend to be a lot shorter than in real life. No one would so rudely to my face go off about anything. But online where sitting behind a screen hiding from the world, it’s easy to say what one wouldn’t have the guts to any place else. 
Being a Christian at least by today’s terms means, following the teachings of Christ. Doesn’t say “Perfect” or “Trying to be perfect.” or “God like”. So yes, I will do things wrong. Yes I sin, and continue to sin. This is why I pray and ask God not only for forgiveness, but strength and  guidance to not keep on sinning.
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