God Bless You, (even if I don’t mean it at 1st)

Many people these days have bad anger issues, or the occasional person that annoys you to no end. I have read dozens of self help books from “The Art of Conversation” to “How to Argue and Win Every Time”, but none of those really prevented the argument, they only taught you how to control the other person. This isn’t helpful to the everyday Christian; trust me I know by experience. Anything that leads a person to control another is never healthy, even if your intentions are good. You can read every self help book on the face of the planet you can find, and even ones targeted to anger management but none will help you stop an argument faster than three simple words, “God Bless You.”

“God Bless You” after a person sneezes is rather common, but very few know its true origins.  Its superstition, early Europeans believed your soul can be thrown from your body when you sneeze, and saying “God Bless You” prevent your soul being stolen by Satan or any other demon. Superstition itself is against Biblical teaching. “God Bless You” is often used as a closure to a letter or card as a sign of love in Christ, but to say it in reply to an attack, you can see how when a person says something nasty to you or against you, and you reply “God Bless You” it throws a person back. They don’t expect kind words and may indeed be looking forward to an argument.

I have told a friend how “God Bless You”, saved me so much time bickering back and forth, that she applied it to her daily life at work. She knows full well that some people there is nothing you can ever say one way or another to get them to stop their attack, simply because some people love to argue and fight. Casting blessings on a person is so much better than any other words a person can say to another. There is no need for self defense when God is there to defend you. It says in the Bible to turn the other cheek, “God Bless You” does this very thing. You aren’t running from a fight but rather ending it full stop. After all what can a person say back to “God Bless You”, No? Even if you don’t mean it, you will eventually and feel good about it. Plus, much like cursing a person comes back three fold, so do blessings. And wouldn’t you rather have blessings upon you and your family than curses?

“God Bless You” has not only saved me time in bickering but saved my very example as a Christian. Often times I would be cornered in an argument to defend myself one way or another, stating how I am not perfect and how I sin and just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean I can’t be angry. There is such a thing as Godly anger and sin anger. When Jesus turned the money changers tables in the temples, that was Godly anger. Sin anger is when you hold on to the anger and take it out on a person instead of address the issue. “God Bless You” as a reply deals with the issue and the person. It also deals with the stress and hurt that may come with the other person’s attack. Not only are you taking the high road, but you are taking the right road. So the next time you face that attack, you too can have V I C T O R Y. God Bless You!

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