Falsehoods against me addressed

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, research, and praying.
There are certain people who have nothing better to do then spread lies, and gossip about me. I’ve not had the need to defend myself because my actions speak for themselves. My facebook, myspace, blogs, Annika’s, voice overs, emails etc all show the evidence, that if I was indeed some horrible person, there would be proof of it. And not just users gossiping in forums, blogs, and articles written with falsehoods against me. Yes everyone has a bad day, and a pet peeve. Listen to both sides before you believe the loudest.
The very moment I stepped into the net I’ve been in the public eye. Just like celebrities, the more in the public eye they are the more they are securitized. I’m ok with this, always have been. If someone’s picking on me, or gossiping about me they are leaving someone else alone. Plus it’s free press. I am picked on, gossiped, and lied about because God knows I can take it. I’m strong, at one point I wasn’t, and had the abuse I’ve been getting had been done then, I’d not be here today. But God brought me through it all.
I have friends from when I first stepped online, how many could say that if they were such horrible people? I have real life friends, one for over 20 years now, and if I was a horrible person would I have those, and even for that long? I have over 5000 members of Annika’s, and over 4500 of the newsletter. Once again, if I was horrible why do so many praise, thank me, and even follow me? I have nothing to be ashamed of, and I’m completely honest online. So why is it these people can only pick on the fact I’m a Christian? Because they have nothing else to attack me with. Why? Because I’m no longer the open book I use to be, so they don’t know ANYTHING about me other then I spend a lot of time helping others, and telling it like it is.
There is a person who is cyberbulling me by writing articles filled lies about me. And the funny thing is, I will always have the proof of the emails burned to CD, DVD, and any other format that comes along, just in case at some point legal action is taken, to defend my character.   
So I ask, how exactly, and why do I have to be stopped from helping people? Ask yourself the question when you read someone’s gossip, and lies, are you getting the full story, or what the person wants you to hear? I share all my sins because I’m far from perfect. I see my flaws, and try to fix them. I share them with others out of the hope of help. You read a blog entry, posting, or article and assume the word is true. Perhaps to the person that wrote it, it is. But the person it may be about, might hold the other half of the story. Seek both before you post, reply, assume, attack, or sympathize with ANYONE. For you may be lead down a path to hell. 
It has been brought to my attention that there is a certain individual out there spreading falsehoods against me, and my business practices. Accusing me of hacking, defamation of character, and shutting down their businesses both online, and off, which is a complete impossibly. Anyone who knows me, knows that these accusations are a defamation of my character, bullying, slander, and harassment. No retaliation has been taken on my part online, or off, only repeated requests that the harassment cease, and desist.  Though these falsehoods have been address with evidence in my possession, the person persists on continuing to spread these falsehoods for years. I have gone to great lengths in ignoring the persons’ harassment, and bullying to the lengths of blocking them, their family, friends, and neighbors on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Digg, and all messenger services, and more. The places I have been informed of sharing these lies, are contacted, they have in turn contacted their legal team, and privacy team. In the mean time, I apologize to those who may have read these lies, and thank you for considering the source.   Now that I have addressed this issue, I will not have to address it again. This is why I do not have drama in my life. I address the issue and move on, only Lot’s wife looks back, and look what happened to her.
Now that I have addressed this issue, I will not have to address it again. This is why I do not have drama in my life. I address the issue and move on, only Lot’s wife looks back, and look what happened to her.
Yes in case you are wondering, yes one of my cyberbullies is my very own sister and her family. Yes she pulled all her kids in on it too. The really sick thing is, she now has a Facebook and Twitter account about ant-cyberbully. Also a voice’s of the children anti-abuse myspace… when her own kids have confessed she abused them.
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