Drama Free Zone Tip

When ABUSERS leave comments on things you’ve done such as articles, or blog entries, simply press delete without reading. I’ve done this for years, and I’ve been one heck of a lot happier because of it. If someONE or something causes you to sin (anger) get rid of it, or THEM! As clearly their comments are of no use to a a fine person like you.
You can tell that the person is going to leave ABUSER comments most of the time by the name of the user/poster. It’s a sure fire give away that the person has nothing better to do with their time then to waste YOUR time. Don’t give them that pleasure, if you see a name that relates to a person that is CONSTANTLY wasting your time, delete. Mine always come from the same Degenerates. Their usernames are predictable.
Deleting without reading does several things, this avoids further conflict (giving into the user who wishes to waste your time, and cause you to sin), the abuser thinks they won. The lame poster thinks you read what they wrote. As tempting as it may be to read it, over time you will learn how to NOT read it. This keeps the abuser leaving you alone for a while till they can think of something else lame to post. This also applies to any blog entries that the abuser may write in response to anything you’ve done. Be sure once again to NOT read, this will once again make them think they accomplished something, and you will be happier to know they are making a complete fool out of themselves because, you my dear are the smarter, successful person. They make a complete fool out of themselves because 1, you aren’t reading it, and 2 they are battling themselves. LOL You should sit back and laugh, I do. Their response most likely will have a link back to your blog, giving you much needed God blessing, press. Good press, and bad press are the same, you can’t pay for better FREE press. That’s been my motto for years, and mentioned in several blog entries through out the years. Normally I pay for advertisement, if someone wants to link to me for free, YIPPIE! Thank you God!
God bless you, and keep you safe from abusers who can’t abuse you any more in the real world and are FORCED to do it online. Remember, they have nothing better to do regardless of what evil, vile, stupid, and childish things they say, God loves you and that’s ALL that matters.

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