Christian Spammers and Abusers?

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people that come across my path and judge Christianity as though THEY know the “facts” on how anyone who is, or claims to be Christian, should act.  This has always hit me oddly because I as a Christian wouldn’t ever try to ASSUME how anyone of any other belief is to act. But I do agree, as a fellow Christian that when I come across someone who isn’t being ethical, I will question their standings. I know this is wrong, and I do feel bad about it, and have tried to stop. After all, I don’t know their heart, only God does, and who am I to judge? Well, it never seems to fail that unbelievers, who have admittedly never read the bible, never been to church, and don’t pray, will always add comments which shows lack of intelligence, and respect for others. Like this comment for example: “That would be the nice Christianly thing to do.” Um… how does that person have ANY clue what is the nice “Christianly” thing to do when their actions towards me came straight from hell?  Why when someone tries to attack Annika’s, do they always have to make comments about “I thought it was a Christian site.” First of all, my staff has all different beliefs, at one point, we even had a Jew. The site is RAN by a Christian, however my staff is mixed, just as our members. And I fail to see how me reporting abuse, gives anyone the reason to ATTEMPT to bash my religion, or beliefs. I report abuse against my staff, site, and myself, and that if someone must bring up Christianity, well, that is the Christian thing to do when it all comes down to it. Yes turning the other cheek is in the bible, but to let someone get away with a crime, to only to perpetrate it again, is wrong. Anyone anywhere can take the bible and twist it to mean anything. It’s why there are so many beliefs, religions, and ideologies. But to bible thump and bash, when you’ve not even read the good book yourself, is like fighting in an armed combat without a weapon, or a shield.  I have HAD it with people doing this childish, moronic way of trying to manipulate me, or goad me into an argument or reply. GROW UP!

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