Hamsters, Annika’s and me

What a horrid 3 weeks. Dwarfy died, natural old age causes. I went to Pet Supplies Plus and purchased Tabika. A young black bear hamster, not a teddy bear but a roar roar bear. On the way home she kept yelling and growling. I had never had a hamster that did this in all my life. Well, stupidly I introduced Hammika to Tabika. I should have waited.
Tabika became sick, and thankfully the receipt said 7 days and I can get a refund or another hamster. On the 6th day, I called the pet store, told them the receipt I have is shredded but I have it and was in the middle of creating it. They looked up the purchase told me to bring her in and get a refund. I had done a lot of research as I noticed on the 4th day she was sick. I looked up on the net to discover that she had wet tail. When I took Tabika back to the store, she was near death and I chose to believe they were able to save her. The manager told me that all their black bear hamsters had wet tail. They apologized, gave me a refund and took Tabika back to the vet. She’s dead though, because she was so young she didn’t have a chance. That was just this past week.

Last night Hammika looked like she had wet tail but it was her period. This morning I picked up Hammika to say hello, as I always do, to discover she had wet tail. I’ve been treating her, but they claim 24 – 48 hours after signs they die because they have been fighting it for 7 days. Hammika is a healthy hamster, and I did catch it in time, because her eyes aren’t covered in puss like Tabika’s was. There is no 100% cure for wet tail, but I’m into herbs and such, I have a few ideas. Every time she moves I pick her up and give her something to drink since dehydration is the leading cause of death with wet tail. They also say that after a hamster gets wet tail and appears cured they still die shortly there after. I believe if I can cure her, I can maintain her health with daily treatment.
I’m so tired, and stressed. I’ve not slept well since all this crap started 3 weeks ago. It’s why I’ve not written in a while.
I’ve also been very busy working on Annika’s. Thankfully, Annika’s is sorted. I’ve even created a facebook fan page. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Annikas/46962093305

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