Annika’s Mission Statement & What is Annika’s

Annika’s Mission Statement:
To provide access to online income earning opportunities free of charge.
To provide the most expansive and up-to-date database of earning opportunities online.
To assist people with tips and advice on how to earn online.
To alert people to scams or sites that charge for information that should be free by providing a Blacklist.
To test all sites so our advice is informed.
To listen to our members suggestions, complaints, and concerns.
To be a comprehensive, “one-stop” resource providing accurate information for work at home opportunities.
To list all links and not just sites that earn referral commission.
To provide visitors with a safe, secure experience staffed by people with varied backgrounds and expertise in making money from home.
To educate visitors in using the internet safely and identifying scams.
To maintain relationships with Webmasters, programmers, and survey creators so visitor’s to Annika’s can access the best information, first.
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What is Annika’s?
Annika’s is a site with the sole purpose of helping YOU navigate the world of making money online without getting caught up in scams or paying for information that should be FREE.  [This does not include me helping your blog, website, forum, or anything else you may be running.]
Annika’s is NOT an incentive site – it is an informational site.
Annika’s is NOT a list of links most of which are out-of-date or leads to scams.
Annika’s is NOT just for US citizens. We have links for many countries around the world.
Annika’s is NOT just for members although we offer additional resources for those who sign-up.
You will find a huge database of companies that will help you earn money from home. The opportunities include:
Paid surveys
Mystery Shopping
Product testing / Beta Testing
Paid to Read Email
Paid to write / blog
Virtual Jobs
Focus Groups
and more!
This site does not just list links that pay us a commission for referrals but provides ALL opportunities we discover so that Annika’s can be the most comprehensive site for information on freelance jobs and working from home. Not only do we list the sites but we test all the sites to make sure we can provide accurate information and filter out any scams.
Apart from the list of companies, you will also find reviews, tips and other information to help you succeed with earning income online and offline from home. The message boards provide a venue for asking questions and helping other members. You truly don’t need to go anywhere else.
The owner of Annika’s is a Christian and hopes this site is a blessing to those who use it by offering legitimate ways of earning an income from home for FREE.
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