Do not send me chain letters of ANY kind

Please know this isn’t directed at one particular person. This is merely a reminder about any kind of chain letter. I enjoy emails, and pass them on, unless they are chain letters. But please DO NOT send me chain letters of any kind. They are against my beliefs, and I take strong offense to them. Even if they claim you will have good luck. I don’t send them to you, and even edit out that stuff if at all possible before sending, please don’t send them to me. And remember it’s not just the matter of not wanting them it’s the matter that ALL chain letters are against my beliefs. God is God, if I need a miracle I’ll ask him, not forward emails telling me if I don’t “blah blah blah”. God won’t curse me if I don’t pray for a stranger, or make me beautiful because I do. I rebuke those emails in the name of God, and because I am his child I will not be cursed by those emails, bad, or good. I don’t believe in them. It’s against my beliefs, and I take GREAT personal insult to them as a Christian, and as a person in general. If you can find a section in the Bible where it references that chain letters, and cursing people even in the name of God, are Holy, by all means share them.


Thank you for your time, and understanding. And I’m sorry if anyone is offended, or take insult to this, or are upset in anyway. I like you all, and just want to make sure our friendship stays a friendship, and not ripped apart because I don’t feel you are respecting my wishes. I do understand the mistake every once in a while that one way slip through, or whatever. But some people send them to me at least once a week. Which is most annoying that either they forget daily, even though the people that do it claim to be Christians, or they can’t be bothered to care about anyone but themselves.


Chain letters can get your web email account closed for spam, as chain letters are SPAM. Especially to me, as they are unwanted emails, and unwanted emails are by the very definition SPAM.

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