School using Annika’s as a resource in a classroom! What an honor!!

Hi Amy

I hope it’s ok that I am contacting you, but I wanted to tell you how great your resource is:  I have been using it in my classroom for my students and they really seem to enjoy it.  I am actually writing to you on their behalf! They have decided that they would like to send you a suggestion of another resource that I have been using, that one of them found:   Its a great resource for online fraud prevention. It covers identity theft, online scams, phishing, credit card scams, and how to stay safe.

Again, I am sorry if I am out of line but I didn’t want them to contact you on their own. I just think that it would make their day if you could set it up on your site with your other resources.  It really is a useful article with great information.  Thats why I have agreed to write to you.  Maybe it will even encourage the others to bring in their own resources.  I can hope! Anyway, I hope you don’t mind the suggestion and I would really appreciate a response as soon as you get a chance. 

Thanks so much!


Ms Clark’s Class


Ms Tonya Marie Clark

Room #154

Ext. #6422

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