A Website is Not a Blog

Define Blog: Journal, Diary, personal postings. FREE.

Define Website: Place of business, hobby, group of pages on the internet. Cost money.

I keep trying to educate people to get some sort of understanding that there is a massive amount of differences between a blog and a website. Example, as you are reading this, it’s printed upon a blog, be it Myspace, WordPress, Live Spaces, Blogger.com. I find it disappointing that the level of businesses now that are stooping to call a website a blog is making my teeth grind at night.

It’s a INSULT to call a website a blog.

1. Personal time and developement to create the layout, style, colors, videos, sound files, banners, logos. All that cost MONEY. That’s what you do for a website. For a blog, you use a premade template which 90% of the time people don’t even bother to edit. (I did however.)

2. Hosting fees, domain fees, whois fees, script fees, support fees, etc. YEARLY! This is what you have if you own a website. Not so if you use a FREE BLOG.

3. Your OWN email address, IE yourname@nameofyourdomain.com
This too is what you get if you own your own domain, not so if you use a FREE BLOG.

4. Anyone can have a blog, not just anyone can have a website, why? Because you have to pay.

5. Bloggers running freebies, coupons, etc, run SCAMS. I have never ever seen a blogger who runs offers that are 100% legit. Legit as in, 1. do not lead to scams sites. 2. do not lead to spam. 3. do not take you through tons of questions you have to answer yes or no too.

This is why I take great insult when someone calls Annika’s a blog, or describes Annika’s as a blog. People need to know the difference. A blog is for personal use, not for business. I have never seen a legitimate business ran on a blog template, or blog website. I have seen websites use blogs for RSS, updates and such, but not for point blank “Hey I’m a business ran on a blog website.”

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