Emailing Your Talents To Someone Else – IE SPAM

I created Annika’s, and Amy Lynn’s Voice Overs website back in 1999. Over the years, I’ve tweaked, tuned, edited etc to get it to what I consider a true masterpiece. I know as Christian’s we aren’t meant to be prideful of things, boast etc. Which is not exactly what I’m doing, please read further to see what I mean.

Recently after getting a more understanding of Twitter, I’ve been getting some rather strange mailings. The first started off with how they loved my voice, but then proceeded to insult my website – then ask how much for a voice over order!! Yes, seriously they thought by insulting me, I would be so desperate for cash I would lower myself to abuse for work. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. And believe me I made that clear to the guy, and then went over to his Facebook to investigate him. I felt I made the right choice very quickly!

The second email, a woman offering her services to voice over artists. I personally have yet to see a voiceover artist with a bad website, low rank yes, bad website no.  The sad thing is both of these “web designers” (Which I am as a freelancer.)  neither bothered to look at my page rank. Page rank is something that matters to SEO, web designers, web site owners, and operators. My rank is 3 & 4, Which is EXCELLENT considering it’s not easy to get even on the board with page rank. It takes a lot of work, tweaking, education, and research.

I guess I’ll need to update my contact pages that my Voice Over website does not need any kind of SEO, or web design help, thank you very much.

Then the emails pertaining to Annika’s come in, with people claiming they “noticed I run 3rd party ads” and that they can offer me X amount to run ads with them. This kills me every time I read that because if they actually LOOKED at Annika’s they would see that 90% of the “ads” I run on the website are my own! I belong to those companies, or am in a partnership that allows me direct communication with them, thus their ads are on Annika’s.

So called “web designers, and advertisers that wish to promote themselves” really need to do research before they email ANYONE. They have insulted me, yet wish to work with me?! Where is the professionalism in that? Where is the respect in that? If you wish to work with me, just as any other professional company out there… create a line of communication before you spam offering your services. That way you don’t look like a complete fool insulting someone’s hard work, pride, and joy.

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