My Cathedral Window Quilt

Events that took place during the time of making the cathedral window quilt.

Note not in sequence.

 Prince William and Catherine got married.
I was diagnosed with PTSD.
Egypt got freedom.
8.8 earthquake inChiletigers the Japan Tsunami.
Tsunami inJapan
Michael Jackson trial.
Earthquake inHaitikilled over 230,000.
Martin Luther King Memorial dedicated.
Deepwater Horizon drilling rig explosion kills 11 and pollutes the beaches of theUSA.
Repeal of “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy.
Lebron James leftCleveland.
Attempted assassination ofArizonacongress woman Gabrielle Giffords.
Final launch of Space Shuttle.
Fidel Castro resigned.
Tornado outbreak inSouthern USAworst since the day I was born, 4/3/74.
Osma bin Laden killed.
Oprah Winfrey’s last show.
Christchurch NZ earthquake.
Third earthquake I’ve ever been through centered inWashington.
My sister and I make up for the 100th and hopefully final time, IN PERSON!!
Gaddafi killed.
Steve Jobs died.
I got in PC World Magazine.
Obama calls an end to the war.
Finished the 9-11 Memorial.
America losing it’s AAA credit rating.
I became an ordained minister.
Elizabeth Taylor died.
Dennis Hopper died.
Gary Coleman died.
Betty Ford died (she visited my high school when my mother was there.)
Dan Wheldon race car driver killed inLas Vegas.
Exotic Wild animals released and all killed but 6 inZanesvilleOhio.
German Goodyear Blimp crashed and burned killing the pilot.
Crys (undercover name) came back into my life. She’s partly the reason I wrote my book.
33 Chile Miners stuck and rescued.
Won 2 awards for my writing.
My friend Peter AKA Capt Mudd died.
Autumn graduated.
I got banned from yet another FB app.


Completed October 30, 2011. Events to be added as recalled.


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