Only contact Annika’s for help after you contacted the company

This is a reminder, as much as we love to help our members at Annika’s when they encounter issues with a company, do not contact Annika’s UNTIL well after you have actually contacted the company directly. It’s a waste of our time when you, yourself haven’t done anything other than complain. Complaining gets you no where. Contact the company directly before you involve a third party. Thank you.

I can’t tell you how important that is. I have many business relationship with the companies Annika’s shares. I have those relationships because I try very hard to find out if the company is a scam, and/or who is behind it. Sometimes the isn’t enough, as well as the fact there are false reports there, and solved problems that you don’t get the full story to. A prime example of this is:

A webmaster closing someone’s account after they have reached payout, and not paid them because upon checking the user’s account it’s discovered they aren’t even in the countries permitted. If you are going to cheat and claim scam, the egg will end up on you. Annika’s has a long lasting relationship of bringing you legitimate companies. So not only has the person attempted to slander the company in which they have been cheating but Annika’s too.

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