Samples of God’s Spiritual Gift to Me

I have no control over this, so it’s not like I can win the lottery if I wanted to. My gift has been given to me randomly, and without trying. It’s come with some hard lessons as well, one of my previous entries shares it.

When I was a child, my sister told me she had a secret and didn’t want to share it with me because she was worried I would tell. I got up that morning, saw my mother, and told her my sister was pregnant. She said she already knew. My sister still can’t figure out how to this day I knew.

At the age of 12, I got up, and started packing my toys. My sister asked what I was doing. I said “I’m packing, we are moving.” We moved 2 weeks later. No one knew we were moving.

At the age of 15, I had a dream my eldest brother’s car which he dearly loved got into a wreck at the corner down the road. The problem was, it was my unit principle Mr. McClain. A couple days later, my brother got into a car wreck at that very location. On the way to the hospital, seeing the wreck, my mother and I got out to talk to the police officer to find out where they took my brother. The police officer’s name….. Mr. McClain.

At the age of 16, I told my mother, my youngest brother would be home from the Navy to stay. I ended up in the hospital having a kidney stone when my mother called me. I picked up the phone “YOU B____! He’s coming home!” Confused, and slightly off guard, as for once I did nothing bad to be called that… it was a few minutes before I could put together what was going on. She was mad that I knew he was coming home, and had just received the call he was about to be honorably discharged.

Last year, I had a dream my sister took a flight up here, and had a lot of trouble. Less than a week later, my sister showed up at my door step.

Several years ago, I told my best friend she was with child, and it was a boy. She kept blowing me off. A week later she told me she was pregnant.

There are loads more examples, but these are the main ones I wish to share. I’m sharing these because many people don’t realize that this is a gift provided by God. And we should be giving God credit for it. I could go into great debate with scripture but I won’t, that’s not what this entry is about. I’m merely sharing this because this is but a few examples of the gifts God has given me to protect me in life. Those subtle thoughts of, “go here” or “go there” at just the right time to discover something I had no idea was going on. Some call this sixth sense, I call it God’s spiritual gift.

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