The Pizza Hut Huddle Closing

Pizza Hut Huddle is closing the doors. Hmm okay this is becoming a little to fishy, yeah I know the economy is going downhill even though our Pres seems to believe it’s recovering when the proof is all around us, but for two Vision Critical Survey Panels to send out messages in the same day of closure makes me wonder if they are raising the cost on their customers.  I also realize how massively huge VC is. I do after all have a listing of over 1800 Survey companies and I have no doubt that at least 400 are VC, but still… fishy.

Here’s the letter I got from Pizza Hut Huddle only an hour ago:

Dear Amy Lynn,

Pizza Hut has made the difficult decision to discontinue The Hut Huddle panel at the end of April 2012.  We are very sorry to see The Hut Huddle go and would like to extend our gratitude for your time over the past 4 years.  Your input has been invaluable to our business.

Please don’t hesitate to contact should you have any questions.

Once again, we just want to say thank you for your time and participation. You really made the community worthwhile for Pizza Hut.


The Hut Huddle Team


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