Friendship List

I would normally never do something like this but I simply have to… I have let this sort of thing go on for too long. I created this friendship list as a form of healing.
I gave codes to several things that earn them, going out of my way to email directly. For six websites.
I gave my personal survey and focus group invites that they get and got into because of me.
I gave direct coupons sales, and savings by email. And anything else that I thought benefited them.
I gave tips about klout I learned. Geek tips.
Helped them have the ability to return +k because they got bombed while they slept.
Given advice about anything computer wise, such as what a true twit confirmation DM was. Taught html so their postings on a website could look better.
I got them enough referrals to reach platinum on superpoints. (At a cost loss to me.)
In return
I rarely if ever got a code tossed to me. (That I am automatically notified about anyway, it’s the thought that counts here.) I’m giving credit where credit is due. 
Rarely if ever told about ws on a website.
Told not to share anything negative.
Sometimes an ear of logic that did listen to the negative to have a positive outcome.
Someone to share what only we two could. As there was a problem child in the community we belong to that saw fit to attacking both of us. There was no excuse for attacking her, THAT I AM AWARE OF. Though recent events do leave me wondering if there was things going on behind the back of others.
I was constantly made to feel everything was my fault, and apologies were never given when I proved it wasn’t. Excuses, rather lies offered because they were worried they would be booted from a website that they are on the leaderboard of. I grieve for her loss, and hope she can find someone else to use that will teach her to be a better friend and not use people but also give too.
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