Suggestive Avatars

A recent event in my life has come up and caused me to address an issue I honestly didn’t think I needed to. Nevertheless, God has placed it in my path for me to do something.

Ages ago when I was addicted to chat, I was an entirely different person, and those close to me during that time can testify to that now. I enjoyed teasing, and flirting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t now; however, there is a place for that. But back then, it seemed like I had no limits. Because of my past I am able to see things others aren’t.

A young Christian woman came to me to get me to jump on her bandwagon, which if you know me, don’t count on that happening. There are two sides to every story and I will check out both before I must decide. Well hers was a very easy and a simple no for me. Her campaign was to rid of porny spammers. I have never in all my months of being a member seen this issue. She claims she even saw nude people. Protesting they have no right to use Klout. Firstly and most importantly, I use to live inEngland, don’t ever try to take someone’s freedoms away even the simplest. I know what all American’s have, and we are blessed. But if you are going to protest someone doesn’t have the right to use a website, you should put yourself offline! So that right there didn’t sit well with me. Yes I’m a Christian, yes I hate spam, yes I’m sometimes offended by porn. I’m not a prude.

She then begins to go on about how I should be all for her campaign. Adamantly this woman knows nothing much about me. All the while she’s going on about how she has kids and seeing this. I’m looking at her avatar and wondering the same thing. Keep in mind, each social media and website has different size avatars. So the text of her being a “Product Tester” does not show up. When I brought up about her avatar and how I (who usually attracts that sort of thing), in 8 months have yet to experience it that it might maybe have something to do with her avatar, gets offended. So let me ask you, ever seen the movie or DVD cover of Inside Deep Throat?  I’ve provided it for those of you who haven’t. And also her avatar. If you ran a porn type website, wouldn’t you try to connect with someone who has a suggestive picture?


This is something you need to think about when selecting photos as yourself. Sorry if I offended anyone, but you can’t complain about sex when you reek it yourself.

What message is your avatar giving off? Is it the right one?

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