Kmart in Barberton Ohio

I shop once a month at Kmart in Barberton Ohio because I am paid in gift certificates from a company. For three years I use to fill in the surveys with feedback in the hopes of improving the store. It worked in the fact Kmart got new shopping carts which I dearly love now. However the most important issue is prices on Kmart’s stock. I have countless times pulled Kmart employees aside and asked them why nothing was priced. Only to discover they were just as confused as I. The snack isle I give up on, it has never in the three years of me shopping had prices. But just this past week getting ready for Memorial day weekend, I come across this:


Yep you see it, they have blank prices now. Forgive me for rolling my eyes in dismay that Kmart will ever get their act together. Even after closing down many stores, still can’t operate the ones they have properly. Might they be losing business because hardly anything has prices? I think so. I mean, I clearly don’t buy anything without knowing it’s price, and with the economy being as bad as it is, I know many others don’t too.

This is my very last attempt at reaching someone in Kmart that can send either a general manager or something to take care of this mess once and for all. Three years of things not priced with three years of me filling in feedback surveys is inexcusable. I’ve already dealt with their manager and got no where.

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