Escape the Clutches of Drama

Not everything is drama nor does it need to be made dramatic simply for the sake of drama. When you are consumed with drama you can’t help but overreact about every little thing. No matter what it is, it gets turned to be about you, so you can get the attention. “I’m sorry it’s all my fault.” “I can never do anything right.” – That’s the number 1 Drama Queen response. Do you ever hear a woman admitting that to a man in a marriage?

I simply can not stand drama, the minute it starts coming I leave. I don’t need it, drama is so time consuming, and childish, and frankly I do not have the time for it. It’s also sinful because drama eventually leads to gossip. I put my granny in her place when she would call me and speak to me about the southern part of our family. I finally asked her if she had anything nice to say. She was taken aback by my question. I pointed out, if she was telling me all this, what was she telling them about ME?! Well word got out I put her in her place very quickly. I was not the only one that felt this way about her, but I was the one that got her to stop. I clearly hurt her, and not on purpose, I just find it disrespectful and low to gossip.

I know that being in the clutches of drama can be addicting, or people wouldn’t be so consumed by it. They have to have it going on in order to feel good about themselves. Center of attention type of thing, another reason why I run from it. A person in drama will purposely make poor choices in their life to continue to live in drama. I’ve seen it so many times, it’s heartbreaking. I can warn the person but they still simply have to do the wrong thing. Thus keeping the drama going, and expect me to be a part of it. Nope. This is also a sign of low self-esteem, which can be very hard to escape those clutches as well.

I have some helpful words that were given to me during a time of self consumption with drama. “If you don’t want drama in your life, you will not have it.” Repeat those words over, and over again, and again. It took me a good three months to realize the depth of those simple words. I had to drop a lot of friends in order to move on, but it was worth it. I also am now, keenly aware of the very second drama starts.

I will say this though, if you are the core of the drama you are in, example running a political website, or a cause you support – the problem is you. And it is you that needs to walk away, regardless of if it’s something you feel you have to make a stand on. If God wanted you on any given path, there wouldn’t be drama. There can be no escape from addiction, if you the addict doesn’t leave the drug. Someday you will look back, and be amazed at the time you now have, and what all precious moments you lost battling people for the sake of drama. Do not get me wrong I am not saying that you can’t run a website that will eventually lead to drama, just if you are becoming consumed by it, step away. BREATHE. Don’t lose family, and friends over turning everything into a big deal. It gets old quick!

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