The Best Part About Being Bipolar

Is there really a good thing about being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder? I’d like to think so, and that’s why I wrote this. The best part about being diagnosed with Bipolar disorder is the reactions I get from people when I tell them that I am.

When I was in the ER, I had to disclose the reason why I had another party with me who was instructed to not leave me alone. The nurse clearly understood the term Bipolar, and tried her best to make me feel safe, and relaxed. Soon the doctor came in, the nurse turned to him, and said “She’s bipolar, it’s why she has someone here.” He took a step back towards the doorway. Inside I was in shock, and kind of giggled. I mean, why would a doctor be so afraid of the word bipolar? Yes it was clear this guy was right out of med school, if not even still in it. I mean wow, I’ve never seen such a young looking doctor. The nurse finished up her exam, and left the room with the doctor. She had to of spoken with him because he reentered the room, and acted properly. Not like I had some sort of contagion.

Not to long ago I had to go to the office to fill in paper work. Because of the strange circumstances in which I found myself, I admitted to the young woman that I was Bipolar. I was after all having a very hard time speaking, shaking a lot, and finding it hard to hold papers. She asked “You aren’t going to hit me or anything are you?”  For real? I couldn’t believe I was just asked that, but laughed it off, and said no.

Online it’s a different experience because you can’t see face to face the person to disclose things to, unless of course you are doing video chats.  Online you have people who will look it up, or ask questions because they never heard of it. The questions are innocent, and caring, often times sweet. “Is there anything I can do to help?” Then stories shared about their experience with depression, or a family member who has it.

It’s because of these experiences many of us who suffer from depression, and bipolar disorder don’t freely admit what is wrong. I had thought word was spreading, but not enough if an ER doctor thinks you have a contagion.

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