Careful Redeeming Your Points From Programs!!

You should always be careful when you redeem your points for anything that goes to gift cards. Companies that do these conversions like to ever so slightly make an increase in points for cards of the same company.

A perfect example of this is the screenshot attached from my own account of Swagbucks. Note, Sears, Kmart and Lands End all accept each other’s gift cards. This is an interesting saver for you. If you look carefully, you will see that the Sears cards are more expensive than the Land’s End cards. I must admit, I only know this due to SBKC and how I cash out for Kmart gift cards every month and they send me Land’s End for several years.

There maybe other companies that are linked, but have an increase cost for cash out, but this is one I know for a fact about. Please feel free to contact me and let me know of more if you’d like me to share it with Annika’s members, readers, etc.

You always need to poke about a website to make sure you are getting the best result for your well-earned time and points.

Wishing you the best success in whatever you set as your goals.

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