Read Your Newsletters Carefully!!!

Some times paying close attention to newsletters can pay off. I get the Allure newsletter monthly either for Surveys, Product Testing or just about their magazine. I don’t really recall at the moment. Anyway, back in May they sent a newsletter out which had a little contest in it. It said

Get the swisssh factor–for free!

Be one of the first 250 to enter beginning 10 am ET 3/20/12 to receive a free Pantene Aqua Light shampoo and conditioner sample from Allure. US residents 18 and older.
Join the conversation!
Have a question about the new Pantene Aqua Light Collection?
Click here to visit the Aqua Light forum to post questions and get answers!
Live: Tuesday, 3/20 – Wednesday, 3/21

Note the end date of MARCH 20th! Sent out in May newsletter. The ball was really dropped on this. I only noticed it because I was about to post on Twitter. So I contacted them with a copy of the above. They replied

“The Pantene sampling promotion is open until the first 250 winners have been awarded, and is still active; the Aqua Light forum referenced on the website was live from Tues 3/20-Weds 3/21, so that part is over. Thanks, The Allure Experts Team”

Clearly missing my point lol. I replied, explaining how this was MAY, not MARCH. They once again did not get my point. I explained again, how it was MAY and they sent that out in MAY and it was expired in MARCH.  Because I stuck with pointing it out to them I was awarded with 2 full size bottles of Pantene Aqua Light, one shampoo the other conditioner.

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