Hamburger Helper Community Products

I’m a member of Pssst… and received information and free products from General Mills® and Hamburger Helper. As part of the new Hamburger Helper Community, I was given two packages of Hamburger Helper.  One I had dozens of times before, the is called “Italian Supreme Cheese Pizza.” I got to admit the name doesn’t sound too appealing, but it looks like a dish I make on my own. I however use fresh veggies with it. Green, red, and yellow peppers mixed with pasta dishes, and spice filled hamburger.

The great thing about Hamburger Helper is it’s easy to make, and cheap too. You can get a box of Hamburger Helper for $1 at Big Lots. And Hamburger Helper does indeed make a great meal! I always season my meat to make it taste like steak. It enhances the whole meal that way.

I was really very pleased with both products.

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