I recently spoke with the CEO & Co founder Lev Mazin of PaidViewpoint. It was a real honor him reaching out directly to communicate with me about the cash out payment issue. See the thing is, every time you cash out you are to call a long distance number, go through a series of prompts, the same thing you have to do when you sign up. Then you are authed and wham bam thank you mam you have reached cash out. It’s rather annoying, even IF you have free long distance. I’m not one for paying fees unless I have to by government mandate, and this includes my time.

Speaking to Lev Mazin, and pointing out the fact that the legit PaidViewpoint members shouldn’t be punished for the ones that do cheat, he quickly agreed with me. The process of being authed, and receiving payout has now been changed to make it easier on us members.

Thank you Lev Mazin!

If you wish to sign up, please use this link:

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