Clinical Trials – There is HOPE!

I can’t tell you how many I know can’t afford simple medications even with assistance. Many years on Annika’s we have had clinical trials listed. Yes they use to be deeply buried among the thousands of surveys. Our staff took the time to separate them to make it easier to live as well as find them.

If you suffer from HIV, Hep, AIDS, IBS, Cancer, Depression, Asthma, RA, in fact just about any condition, there is a clinical trial out there for you!

Clinical trials help advance cures and better medication for treatments. Yes I can’t speak on behalf of clinical trial safety. But I have taken part in several. I don’t speak about my health online besides my PTSD and Bipolar due to abuse, and cyber bulling even by a family member. I have fought very hard to make sure since my diagnoses, that it stays in my own household. It’s becoming something I can no longer hide, and frankly no one should feel they have to. But that’s for another blog entry, this is about helping YOU!

If you are in pain, or hurting for meds, seeking a cure, wanting to help others – please think about looking into our listing of Clinical Trials. You too don’t have to feel trapped, needing help, there is help and some clinical trials will pay you, often pay for travel, medications and more.

Here’s the link:

Updated the link above 12/5/17

Also here’s an app that offers news on clinical trials:

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One Response to Clinical Trials – There is HOPE!

  1. im so lucky to have found you on line.thanks for all the guidance and help you give us.

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