Link Exchanges

I’m reaching out to Voice Over artists, DJ’s, vocal coaches, singers, song writers, musicians – basically all those in the performing arts.

What is a Link Exchange? A link exchange is where your link gets placed upon someone else’s website, and you either place it directly upon yours or another you own.  This helps connect clients to other resources as well as boost incoming, and outgoing traffic. If you do third party links it’s better because directly linking is against what Google suggests. But I like to provide my clients with other resources that may meet their needs.

What is a Third Party Link Exchange? A third party link exchange is when you take the link of a website, example, and instead of linking directly to the website that will have my link placed upon it, I link to another completely different website. This is what Google wants. A web of connections not back, and forth lines. Kind of like Klout, and Kred.

Here’s my link exchange:

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