Paid to Drive – Paid to Place Ads On Your Car – Worth It?

For about nine years now Annika’s has had listings for the ability to be ‘paid to drive’ paid for ads placed upon your car. Now there are downfalls to this like anything else you do, but you need to be made aware of them before you jump in thinking $50 – $2000 dollars a month for driving your car – is worth it?

Most of these companies you have to have a GPS installed. (And this costs.) This is so the company that pays you to drive your car knows where you are at all times. They don’t want you parking your car in a parking deck but upon the street for all to see. No garages, nothing of hidden cover, your car must be in the public eye at peak times. If you don’t drive X amount of miles a month, you won’t be accepted.

Being paid to drive isn’t for moms who go to the store, and back home again. This is more like the mom, dad, or busy person who starts their day at 7am dropping off kids at school, then goes to the store to get food, bank, Kmart to get clothing, home, back to school because a kid forgot their lunch, the mall, craft store, Best Buy, back to pick up kids, pick up the mate from work, and home to enjoy some family time. (This is an almost daily routine.)  GO GO GO!!

Paid to place ads on your car companies claim the wraps don’t mess up your car, but that can’t be proven. The picture in this article I took at a bank to show you one. (Mobile sorry other wise would have been a better picture.) Simply think of the Geek Squad car from Best Buy, that’s not a wrap but it gives you an idea of the ad.

If this is something that sounds like you should be doing, please check out the companies Annika’s has listed:  Please note if you find any inactive links to drop me a note. Annika’s is over 200 pages and growing all the time. Hard to keep up on everything. Thank you, and may the money flow in your favor.

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