Don’t Forget About Your Kred

Everyone seems to be swept away with Klout, but they are forgetting about Kred because so many are concerned about the perks. Well Kred has perks too, and Kred is in my opinion, and many others – more accurate.

Kred only takes into account Facebook and Twitter for the time being.

Kred’s perks are just the same as Klout, but because they rewards are newer, it’s like starting all over with Klout. I have already claimed three perks (rewards is what Kred calls them) myself. All business related. The process is very simple just as it is on Klout.

Kred allows you to upload your own offline Kred. Set a value for it, and their staff reviews the worth. Some I’m deeply confused about, while others I think are fair. Be sure to claim yours today so you can get the Kred you deserve.

Kred also has exchange of Kred like Klout has exchange of +K’s. After you join Kred you will see what all Klout copied, it was not the other way around. Kred changed first.

The score posted here is my own, and changes almost everyday. Not the 9 though. I don’t comment, reply, RT much. I share content. I’d like to engage more; hopefully someday I’ll find the time.

Check out your Kred today: (Do not use Firefox, use Chrome) other wise you may give up right away.

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One Response to Don’t Forget About Your Kred

  1. Hi Amy, this is Shawn from Kred.
    Thanks so much for your supportive post.
    Another thing will people will like about Kred is the amount of detail they get to learn about others and their social media presence. Just enter their @name to get a nifty visual stream of their most influential content. It’s a great way to see what you have in common with others.
    It’s also fun to enter a hashtag to check out content around trending topics.
    Thanks again for writing about us!

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