Social Media Overload

Have you noticed the amount of people who think they have to post pictures night and day on G+, FB and even tweets on Twitter increased all because of Klout, Kred,  and Peer Index? The sad thing is these same people (who I could name names of) don’t realize that now that Klout has changed there is no point in overloading, and burning out your friends. It’s now not about how much you post, but about how much engage with you. Yes I no longer have my score of 77 but I do know what I’m talking about, even with Klout not indexing all my stuff, I have somehow managed to stay in the 70’s.

I have several friends who seem to think posting 15 pictures a day is going to increase their Klout score when in fact they are now facing friend fatigue. I’m sick and tired of liking their stuff which I don’t even really like. I’ve stopped liking a lot of people’s in fact. I post maybe three a day. Three I actually like, enjoy, or think are funny. I don’t post crap that looks just like everything else I’ve ever posted. It’s not fair that I post three pictures, and I have to like their 15 plus. One never ever has shared anything I posted when in fact many of his content on G+ is exactly the same as mine.

Some don’t seem to realize, even though I’ve shared how their content never gets more than three balls, while mine gets four to five. If you post 15 pictures and are only getting x amount of likes and shares, while someone else is posting four and getting xx amount of likes and xx amount of shares, who do you think is ranking better?

If my score was 80 I know people would listen, but I won’t ever be 80 because every week Klout admits to errors in my account. Kred point blank shows the amount of mentions I get for 90 days while Klout never updates. Klout dropped my Linked In Brief case with no excuse, but are looking into. Klout also hasn’t and don’t index my Linked In everyday as Klout claims they index over 400 things DAILY. At one point Klout point blank told me there was a lag of 2 week indexing my LinkedIn. How can anyone have a proper score with Klout when Klout doesn’t properly index anyone but brands and celebs?

So when you post on G+, FB, and Twitter you may want to think about just how many you are actually engaging as friends and how many you are using for a score. I’m burned out and tired and been fighting saying this for some time. I realize this may upset a few people, while I know others who SHOULD read this won’t. Perhaps I should have named names, it would help everyone in the long run.

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2 Responses to Social Media Overload

  1. Great job Amy! So true! I too am tired of looking at some of the same pictures recycled from a month ago! It really is starting to get old! Thanks for a great article! ❤

  2. Great post Amy!!!! Everything you said is true. I know I post more than you, but I post what I like & never expect to have it all “liked”. Thank you for doing a great job on this post!!!

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