Klout Score Flaws – Proof Obama

Question for all you Kloutters. How much faith do you put in your score? On Kred the president is 1000, and has been for some time. On election day my timeline both personal and mainstream was flooded with “Obama 2012” ETC, direct tweets to him… Yet amazingly enough he still sits at 99.  http://klout.com/BarackObama



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2 Responses to Klout Score Flaws – Proof Obama

  1. Mick Say says:

    Very disappointed to be honest, I used to use it as a guide but I no longer can do this. Since August I have hardly moved, when I have a really exceptionally good few days nothing happens, if I go away at the weekend, again this doesn’t show. If feel like its not registering anything that I do.

  2. marcinkorecki says:

    Reblogged this on marcinkorecki.

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