I love holidays, and not because it’s a holiday but because the emails tend to slow down, everyone is away an eating, or spending time with those that matter. I use to love that on so many levels. Now I love it because no one notices when I slip away to get much needed projects done.

Usually Thanksgiving always ended up in a nightmare for me. After cooking for two days, and being faced with the clean up, while everyone watches the game – something strange developed. CRAP. Yes crap. Everyone would be having their fun, and something would be going wrong on the site. Bot attacks, drama, you name it, sadly something to always pull me away from my family. So I got into the pattern of making plans to do some work that day. No real holiday for me. Nope. But that’s ok, it worked out better.

This Thanksgiving, I was and am thankful for my friends, and the communication I have with them. I enjoy learning something new, and this holiday eve a friend mentioned about not being able to play my voiceover samples on their mobile. I quickly threw a Quick Time player up, but wasn’t really pleased. So on Thanksgiving, I found a better player that plays on all platforms. I changed the skin, and my samples over to another format and I was good to go!

Amy Lynn’s Voice Overs samples are able to be played on all platforms now.  Easy to use, clean, and very sleek player. The script I had to make it mobile friendly was not! So I ended up pulling that today. I had no way to test till I got my ipad, couldn’t tell on an ipod/mobile. Special thanks to HappyWorm for that!

I hope every one of you had a great Thanksgiving.

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