Goodbye, Hello

Yesterday evening I said goodbye to a long time partner. Some may not understand this, think it’s stupid or point blank don’t care. But as a web designer, artist and general person who cares it hit me harder than I ever expected. You see, Annika’s got a new layout. I love it, I really do, but at the same time the old one I created, understood and was very easy for me to use and fix if I broke it – is gone. I can’t go back, merely move on.

Pat reminded me of how I felt when I finally said goodbye to the MSN community web site Annika’s was originally on. I cried then as well. It’s hard to let go for me, hard to say goodbye though it’s certainly part of life. Many would link this to a child who never had a pet that died. You’d be mistaken. It’s the fact that so many in my life have cruelly been ripped without notice that causes a fear when change comes.

The grief didn’t last long as many shared how they love the new layout. Pat said we should have done it together, in some respects yes, but I think this time I needed to do it alone.

So if you have a few moments check out the new layout at: I hope you find it user-friendly. I even tested it on the ipad, it’s just peachy.

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