Review Downy Unstopables

downy-unstoppables-sample-mAges ago I received a full sized bottle of Downy Unstopables by Vocalpoint. I didn’t have time to share my thoughts till now. I love Downy, have grown up on it in fact, but I admit I use Snuggle more. So when this bottle came I was thrilled to be reminded of my childhood. I can’t express what time saver Downy Unstopables can be for you. It’s always hard for me to find the time to do laundry, and work these days. So when I read it and re-read it that you put it in at the start I was in shock. “Wait you mean I don’t have to run downstairs put in the fabric softener and then run back down again to put in the dryer?”

The Downy Unstopables seemed to last for months, and I’m not real sure why. I didn’t change how I do the laundry. I had no idea the price of it until I did my monthly Kmart trip last month. That’s when I discovered 13.2 oz bottle is $6.99. Now before you gasp, keep in mind Downy / P & G always puts out coupons for either 50, 75 cents or a dollar off. Plus many stores double coupons. Now also add into the fact that you can NOT put a price on something that saves you time!!

Ten out of ten stars!! I will switch fully to Downy unstopables from my beloved Snuggle Fabric Softener.

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