Kred & Dolby Rocks!

I have already done a lot of blog entries on Kred, I’ve even done a video on how to exchange Kred – For those who don’t know.

Well recently I got a package in the mail, I had no idea where it was from or what it was until I opened it.

I got a Kindle Fire HD from Kred and Dolby, FREE. I’m not alone, many of my friends got one as well. $214!!


That’s not all I got from Kred. I also received SolRepublic headphones with the price tag attached, $99.95!


The headphones were expected, but the Amazon Kindle Fire HD from Kred and Dolby was a real surprise!

The Kindle Fire HD was sent because it’s primer designed to help you understand and explore the features and audio capabilities of mobile devices equipped with Dolby Digital Plus. It came with a ten page booklet explaining the features of the sound and how the quality of dialogue and surround virtualization works. I found it deeply fascinating!

This was extra special because I didn’t own a Kindle Fire before hand, so I’m learning it and really impressed with the sound difference between my ipod, ipad, and the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire HD is definitely better quality thanks to Dolby Digital Plus!

Thank you Dolby Digital Plus and Kred!!! 

*Already got my screen shield from Amazon for it.

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One Response to Kred & Dolby Rocks!

  1. I agree with you! The quality is amazing!! I am still learning, but I sure do love my Kindle Fire HD from Kred & Dolby!!

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