My Mental Illness

mentally_HSAs many of you know I suffer from several mental illnesses. I’ve been seeking treatment since the late 90’s off and on. At one point I was under the assumption I was ‘cured’ as I moved to another country only to relapse. That was when it became clear, there are some mental illnesses you do not get cured from.

With this latest tragedy in the news every day all day long, and them pounding into people’s heads ‘mental illness’ I have to speak out.

There are MANY places that offer help some for free for mental illness. The problem is these places are poorly ran causing the mentally ill to get even worse. I know because I’ve been a part of Portage Path Behavior Health.

When I first went to Portage Path Behavior Health I was under threat by my doctor. I was very blessed with a great team of medical professionals. I since that time moved to the UK and back again.

Upon my return, I rejoined Portage Path Behavior Health only to be diagnosed with two new conditions that weren’t diagnosed beforehand. They would have made a world of difference had they been treated the first time. However, they only came to light after a memory of abuse from my childhood by my sister surfaced. That memory coming to light, is what brought about the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnoses.

This time, unlike my last, I was serious about getting help. I knew what I wanted to be, just not how to get there. I was provided with a therapist who has never ever been on time, and a nurse. The nurse at first I was confused about and not comfortable. But I grew attached to her. She was funny, nice, sweet, caring and concerned! She got transferred or something. I then encountered a doctor who insulted me, and had me cutting myself after her appointment. She has since been reported, and I’ve been transferred again. This time to a nurse I’ve never met and appears I never will because they keep putting me in appointments that apparently she doesn’t even have. I’ve never canceled an appointment but been canceled on more times than I care to count. Not just by nurses, but the doctors and therapists too.

So what is my point sharing this though I have so much more to share on the subject? Well… seeking help for mental illness is very hard, it’s a huge step, actually getting it from the so called professionals, is what seems to be the problem.

I asked my therapist why it’s so hard to get good help. She admitted that since 911 all mental health agencies have been overloaded. They are short on staff and too many clients seeking help, yet have so many empty offices.

So I ask, while you may support a cause, charity or other organizations, and while these events cause your heart to grieve maybe pause and donate to one for mental illness too. Here’s some ways to donate without any out of pocket expense. Please note we update so check back often.

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