kloutEnjoy being a number people, I’m done with Klout Krap! I’m not in high school where each group is rated on appearances. When people refuse to give you likes, or tags out of the jealously of your score.  Something is wrong! I only joined Klout for the perks, and badges but was blessed with friendship instead. A bonus no other website or app can claim (other than SM networks).

Yes I’m a Kred fan, no I’m not a number there either. I’m a fan because you can see each and every thing that gives you a total which allows you to claim rewards as a bonus.

I’m sick and tired of waking up to a bunch of lame photos tagged to me with stupid questions. Bloggers who are trying to get their score up drive me nuts! They don’t care what your answers are! At one point I was just posting random crap since you have to reply to tags for Klout to give you a score and them be public on your timeline. Bloggers just want the engagement for their score to go up. The WORST is people who think they have to copy others who tag eight times a day! Who has time to reply to all that and even read it? Those people doing it must have a heck of a lot of free time on their hands.

Until Klout has some real influence I’m done with them. I left my account there to advertise Kred, point out how much of a joke Klout is, and keep an eye on any perks that may come up. (Which there hasn’t been any good ones in over 3 months.)

I find the whole – exchange of +K, Kred, endorsements and every other clone site that has come up a waste of time. I’m not about to hire someone for a job who has time to do all that exchanging. Clearly they are too busy exchanging instead of working! Plus since LinkedIn started those lame endorsements all I get now everyday is over five “360 peer evaluation surveys” I report as spam. I also reply to the person who sent it that my fee is $50 to do the survey. What happen to LinkedIn being a professional place?

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  1. Very good article & well written! I agree with you 100%!

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