Better Business Bureau Biggest Scam on The Planet

bbbI’ve been dealing with the Better Business Bureau for years. Filing complaints, looking companies up etc. I had thought the was legit. Foolish me. Someone suggested I join the, so I looked into it. It costs money to have their logo placed anywhere on your business, either website, store window etc. I found this a little odd, and put off by it.

My most recent dealings with the Better Business Bureau is Dell. Dell thinks once they have your mailing address they never have to remove it. And Dell’s removal section on their website doesn’t work. Took me five years, a report and a letter to Michael Dell to get that person removed! But I decided this time wasn’t going to take any longer than a couple months. I wrote the a very detailed complaint and how I wanted it solved as well as a fee for undue damages to my mental health. Dell wrote back saying they removed me (just as I did myself through their website.) Instead of sending the issue over to the tech department for manual removal – as requested and was done so in the past. I had to respond if I accepted what the company did. I responded stating very clearly, no. I explained how it wasn’t handled by the tech department, and how I received no check for the damages. The Better Business Bureau took for ever to reply and stated very clearly that the problem had been handled by Dell and will be marked as resolved upon the BBB website. LIES! Would I be writing this if it was resolved? I’m sick and tired of Dell getting away with spamming people and wasting our natural resources!

The Better Business Bureau has turned into a money hungry cash cow! The Better Business Bureau has become the biggest scam on the planet! How can a company that is meant to be so trusted turn into such a farce? I can no longer support such a scam. If they can’t help out the customer how on earth can they help out the company? For without the customers, the company is N O T H I N G!

I have since updated several pages on Annika’s in which the is listed.

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