The Dumbing Down of Surveys

I recently took a paying survey for a company and was shocked to encounter the photo attached to this entry. Are there so many people cheating right now that don’t understand English that they have to resort in photos such as these? Or was this survey meant to be for my children? It wasn’t marked so I guess it could have been.

But I can tell you from the stand point of a business owner, that yes something like this did need to be done. Some of the support emails I get are so blatantly obvious that they didn’t even read anything but merely contacted me that I delete the messages. I use to waste my time replying that their answer was on the website, but it’s easier to delete. If a person can’t be bothered to read, they certainly can’t do anything more than watch TV.

That is why so many market research companies have resorted to dumbing down their paying surveys. Just like how America is being dumbed down for so many other things. Such as warnings that tell you to open the wrapper on a candy bar before you eat it. If you haven’t watched the film Idiocracy, please rent it today, it’s becoming reality.


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