Tom Aspell Remembered

tom_aspell_x200I wasn’t going to write this but it’s weighing on me. Tom Aspell for those who don’t know him, was the NBC News Foreign Correspondent.

Every night my parents would watch the news because my brother Scott was in the Navy. So whatever was going on in the Middle East was very important to where my brother’s ship would be sent.

I remember one night, one night I will never ever forget. It was so unreal. The NBC Nightly News transferred over to Tom Aspell to give his report. Well, Tom was doing his usual report, when all of a sudden the dark sky lit up, Tom ducked, a sound flashed. Tom Spoke, “Whoa there went another missile.” We all said “Another?” WHAM the news channel flashed and all of a sudden they announced we were at war for HOURS! If it hadn’t been for Tom Aspell’s slip who knows when or if we would have ever found out that we were at war.

My mom, dad, and I sat in shock, flipping channels left and right. Yep, war. Words as a teen I’d never thought I’d hear.

So to Tom, I thank you for that. I will never forget you for slipping up on live TV and alerting the world to war before anyone else.

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