The Downfalls of Being Tech Savvy

Tech-Savvy-ConsumersYou wouldn’t think this day and age there would be any downfalls to being tech savvy but there is. You spot and learn things that protect yourself, and your system from harm. This is good if you want to keep viruses, trojans and such off your system. But in the process you discover things without really looking. It becomes second nature. It’s how with Crowdtap I discovered if you press control C and pasted it into word, or an email etc, you could see what people answered ahead of time in the quick hits. Now a lot of people copy web text off a webpage for later purposes, whatever that may be. So there is no way I was the only one to discover that. I did inform the VP of that flaw though and it has since been fixed.

I discover a lot of things like that because I’m also a beta tester. Programs, or websites want people to test to see if they can find flaws, errors and such to improve their company. It’s fun and creative outlet for me, as I’m super curious about everything. I love learning, I find it fun, so long as the topic is interesting. Example reality television is not something I find educational and therefore won’t watch it.

Now here I sit, not for the first time mind you, being accused of cheating with yet another company. I find this level of stress and hardship too much to take these days. As previously stated I’m not in the best of health and this just doesn’t help matters. It’s not my fault if I accidentally or on purpose without knowing it’s meant to be that way, find a “loophole” in someone’s website. If I find it, chances are others have too! I’m very open and willing to share how I found glitches/holes etc so they might hopefully be fixed.  I do understand jumping the gun though and making a persons account pending without communication. I just hope this latest ordeal doesn’t turn into a nightmare of no fault of my own.

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One Response to The Downfalls of Being Tech Savvy

  1. freebiesteramy says:

    Eveything will be ok
    love Amy Qur

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