Legal Notices in Magazines

I get a lot of free magazines and in a lot of them are legal notices many may not know. They are class action lawsuits either products you used, services you used, or even medication you may have taken. These lawsuits can go back ages. Several that caught my attention are ones that were computers I have purchased and medication I have taken.

In many cases plaintiffs have no way of contacting potential victims so they place these ads in well known magazines, such as Time. I’ve also even heard of them placed on websites like Craigslist.

I suggest when you see free magazine offers you take them up. Set aside some time to scan through them. The lawsuits stand out. They are generic ads of great length.  You can also look through the magazines at your local library. I find it useful to go through my magazines during shows that don’t require my full attention such as American Idol.

Some free magazines we have listed are here:

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