How to Quickly Find Facebook Inactive Friends

facebook-like-iconFinding Facebook inactive friends isn’t as hard as you may think. I was and frankly still am hoping someone will take the time to create an app for this. Especially since I’m about to supply how to quickly finding Facebook inactive friends really is. Making an app for mobile users would be well worth any cash amount.

There are a few things you will need to know in order for this process to work for you. The first is your Facebook profile name, or profile number. This can be found on your home page. You can easily find your profile username or identification by clicking on your name on the upper right side by your picture. You should see something like the default Facebook website link ending with a series of numbers, or your username. After you have obtained that you can simply copy and paste, editing in your username where you see the word username. Next you will need a friends’ username to get started with or simply use the link as is with your username of course. Again, I repeat a friends name and your username. Obviously both have to be edited LOL.

Note you must copy and paste, then edit the link. It will not work as is.

You can now see the timeline of actions between you, and your friend. Facbook likes, photos, friends, and even events. If you see no interactions with your friend, there is no point in being connected. It’s not a friendship if there is no engagement, it’s all about numbers. If you are into such things as Kred, and Klout they certainly aren’t helping your score anyways. Also if you see only one sided friendships such as you wishing them happy birthday every year, and they don’t bother to do yours it might be time to say goodbye to the old, and make room for the new.

This method of quickly finding Facebook inactive friends is also beneficial to those who play a lot of Facebook games. The very fact that Facebook has a limit of friends you can have can cause problems with needing to add new ones to expand your game quests.

Finding Facebook inactive friends is also a great way to check new friend requests. You can check your friend you are already connected to, and the new friends’ interactions. Keep in mind this only shows public interactions. If you don’t see any communications between either party, you might want to ask your friend if they even know the requestor.

If you have a couple thousand friends you want to check out, this would take a couple days, but it’s a foolproof method of finding inactive. And if a friend asks you why you removed them, you can always share the link as proof. It’s a real wake up call. Why have friends that don’t even engage with what you post. The very same thing can be applied to family.

A very strange thing will start to happen once you remove some dead weight from your Facebook account. You will start to notice new people engaging with you. I have suspected for a while this is because your account is limited to how many it can reach. I removed over 3,500 people from my account. Each time I have done a cleaning, I notice the increased activity. I have a pattern that I wish everyone a happy birthday so there is always some sort of connection on my part. Added to that a welcome message and a random, hello how are you. If you don’t do any of those things, you might want to consider it, before someone removes you as dead weight.

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    Thanks for the info

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    Great info

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