Pray for your Pastor

Praying for your pastor is as important as praying for your president, or family member. The flock is after all a part of your family.

I was apart of a church I dearly loved. The family within is what taught me, we are all sisters and brothers in Christ. The pastor was amazing in every way shape and form. He wasn’t like the typical pastor who came from a ‘perfect’ background. But one who admitted to sinning. Sins he felt were so bad he was deeply ashamed, but proclaimed the word of God. He stumbled into church drunk on booze and walked out sober on God. It was the most spiritual story I had heard to date. What an inspirational story to hear from rags to riches in the Lord!

I had heard all my life we are to pray for the church and its leaders. This never really hit me till being a leader myself, and putting up with the attacks. I don’t mean the typical bulling, I mean spiritual attacks. Everyone has a weakness, some don’t admit what that is, and hey some don’t even know it! I have many, many weaknesses, but this isn’t about me…

The pastor whom I speak of became so great that he was cut down to size, saved so many souls…. He no longer leads a flock, and is back on the bottle. It’s so important to pray for your pastor because of the very reason of him being a leader. Someone once told me, the lion doesn’t go after the leader of the pack but the ones struggling behind. Yes, that may be true, but those in the pack will challenge the leader, and sometimes kill it. Without a leader the flock can be left aimless.

Pray for your pastor, his family and well being.

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