Dead Facebook Friends

facebook-deadI was clearing out my Facebook account again last weekend. This time I went through every single connection. Took a couple days but was well worth it. See Facebook no longer has a list of friends that aren’t in a list. I use lists on Facebook to avoid certain groups seeing postings I don’t wish them to see. This avoids all kind of drama, and is so much easier when engaging.

Well upon doing so, I discovered that several of my connections were dead. Not just inactive, DEAD, as in no longer among the breathing. This was most depressing to me. Not just that they were dead, but that I didn’t know. I had had so many friends that I couldn’t keep up with them, and notice when one is no longer among the living. It made me wonder, all these other contacts I had, that have over 4000 friends… how many of their friends are dead too. And how many even care? Seems so many are about numbers these days. Quantity over quality seems to be the trend.

One could argue this about Twitter, but Twitter is public, it’s become more of a trending chat room than what it was designed to be. Facebook is more intimate, or at least it is to me. So if you were already thinking I’m a hypocrite I could totally understand.

My quest to see if people were engaging with me, or not changed from, is this person even alive? I admit there were several I thought up and left Facebook during the privacy breach issue, and ran over to Google Plus. But I didn’t expect to find the level I did.

I now have a manageable amount of Facebook friends and reject requests where I can clearly see the person is all about numbers. Or the typical bunch who only add you then spam you with their Facebook fan page invite. I added Facebook followers for that very reason. They can see my public postings and engage if they so desire. I never thought I’d add followers due to my stalker having so many clone accounts. But there is nothing I have to hide on my public postings.

When was the last time you went through ALL your connections on Facebook? Would you care or even notice if one of them was no longer posting for any given reason? Sadly I can now truthfully say yes, can you?

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