Product Testing with uTest

If you’ve not joined uTest you are missing out on some easy fun cash doing product testing.

There is a problem with this site though, if you are not focused on earning cash, don’t bother. You have to spend time figuring out the website and I can tell you from experience if you honestly aren’t driven it will drive you away. In my humble opinion it’s not very user friendly or straight forward. I would have given up had my test not been for $100!

During product testing you have to complete a series of actions and perhaps screenshots and surveys. You have to submit a final review / test case in their platform. Usually the person running the test will remind you if you’ve not done so, but don’t make that his or her responsibility.

When you sign up be sure to register all your devices, ipods, kindles, ipads, iphones etc. This will help get you more paying product test cases.

When you are invited you will get an email from uTest with the subject line “You’ve been invited to a paid testing project for *name*”. You click on review or decline. You MUST take one action. The selected environment of the product testing will be listed. (Meaning which device.)

The length of the product testing study will also be listed, be sure to check that, as if you don’t have the time required to do the test, again, don’t do it. Decline it.

Helpful hints:

  • Report each bug with as much relevant detail as possible (screen shots and video captures are a great way to show the customer how to reproduce a bug).
  • Make sure you use the OS version, browser and other configurations that are in scope for this test cycle.
  • If test cases were provided as an attachment to the test cycle, be sure to complete them.
  • Find out more about other paid test cycles in the uTest forums.

You can sign up here: and you can find more product testing websites here:

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