What is your Time Worth?

timeismoney2013-coverWhat is your time worth? That’s the question I post to you today. Are you worth a chance or are you worth payment for your time? I ask this because so many companies are switching over to putting their members in sweepstakes for their time verses actual payment. I don’t know about you, but sweepstakes don’t pay my bills. It’s not like I call them all up and put them in a bingo machine and pull out a winner of who I’m going to pay this month. Life doesn’t work like that, and companies like Crowdtap, NDPOR, and Permission Research need to know. Speak up, share your feelings, its social media that causes change. Write a blog, tweet, post on their Facebook fan pages and encourage your friends too.

I use to tell a survey company I’m no longer a part of, “sweepstakes don’t pay my bills” every time they asked what I thought of their surveys.

Minimum wage in Ohio is $8.50 an hour, some surveys take up to 45 minutes to do, some a lot less. But add up how many of those are sweepstakes and also add up the payment ones too. If it’s not even minimum wage, you have a problem. Don’t forget the cost of the products you may be testing. IE they sent a shampoo to product test that cost $5.99 and paid $3.00 for your time.

Something else important to think about, is the income the survey companies are making off your time.  The survey companies are paid to get survey results, shouldn’t you be paid too?

As always, should you be interested in these types of survey websites, you can find them on Annika’s http://www.amylynn.org/home and remember, what is your time worth?

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