Support System

support-system1Everyone needs a support system, it’s why there are so many churches, organizations and communities.  If you don’t have a good support system via friends or family members, you will need one another way. It doesn’t matter what type, but we as humans need that support. Not everyone is strong all the time. How many times have you had a question if you had someone to ask would be most helpful?

I bring this up because I have a friend who is amazingly supportive of others, but I’m often wondering where her support is. I don’t see those around her lifting her up, but they could in private. I felt heartbroken for her as her path in life is not easy by any means. I almost said something to her about having a support system but I pulled back.

Business execs are there for a reason. It’s a support team too. I often find myself at a loss when Pat or Jane isn’t around to bounce ideas off of and freely admit I wish I had more. But I keep my circle small for a reason. I don’t feel my support system should be any bigger than I am capable of giving back.

If you find yourself depressed, often seeking advice with no one to turn to, it might be time to develop a support system of your own. Without interaction, we can’t grow, achieve, and improve.

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