Fieldwork Market Research

I’ve been sitting back watching for a while now how Fieldwork behaves with their members. I’ve witnessed Fieldwork market research company blocking members for sharing how they keep leaving messages and not getting their call backs. How half the time the machine is full. This goes for all their companies Dallas, Phoenix, ETC on Facebook, and Twitter.

So I’d like to put a warning out there, that if you call Fieldwork for a research study, you don’t get your hopes up. I’ve personally had them schedule an appointment and not even bother to call. Added to that many of the people I’ve spoken to don’t speak English well at all. I had a hard time getting them to spell my name and email address. If they can’t take down your information what good are they?

So when you make your attempt to do a market research study for Fieldwork, leave a message, if you get a call back, that’s great. But if not, it’s their loss, there are many other market research companies out there. And Fieldwork needs you more than you need them.

Please keep in mind many companies want a six month delay between product testing and focus group slots. That could be why you weren’t called back.

How this company can be so big and yet so bad I have no idea.

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One Response to Fieldwork Market Research

  1. No, I think Plaza Research in Hollywood, Florida has them beat ! They are very rude and put me on their do not recruit list because I got married and changed my name and address and accused me of “fraud” and they were gojng to call the police on me !! At least give someone a chance to explain !

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