The IE Challenge

As a webmaster, I’ve had to deal with the fact that IE (Internet Explorer) doesn’t like a lot of the things I design. So I’m stuck with ruling out things that look great on Chrome and Firefox. It’s disappointing to say the least but I deal with it. Why? Because so many use IE, even though so many hate it. IE is the default browser of many users, and those that aren’t tech savvy are stuck with it.

I keep running into several people who claim their website isn’t going to be designed (or useful for that matter) to a user using IE. I personally thought that was lazy, because it does take about four times the work to get something to work right in IE. I also thought it was the stupidest thing I had ever heard. But I kept that to myself because I thought it could be my anger, and not a rational thought. That is until I encountered a massive error on one of the websites that claim to not design for IE. I took a screen shot and posted it on G+ and FB. I quickly got vindication one posting after another but the best was when someone said that to ignore IE is suicide!

As much as many of us would like to punt IE out the window and jump up and down on it, we can’t. At least 75% of my users are still using IE.

So please I ask you, if you do websites don’t ignore the IE factor YET. I admit, I still use it daily, and clearly so do many others. You can’t push it out the door simply because you can’t design in it. Research, ask for help, or do the design in another way.

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